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How to do Origami

Learn the ancient art of how to make folded paper origami birds and flowers and other objects by watching these free origami videos that show you how to create these beautiful folded-paper creations. These craft projects also make nice ornaments and great gifts.

To buy specialty origami craft paper, you'll find it on this page: origami paper. Origami instruction and origami paper for kids: Origami and Kirigami kits.

Here are a few free origami "how to" articles and videos!

How to Make Origami Articles

How to Fold a Japanese Paper Origami Ball (Kusudama)

This video shows you how to fold a beautiful Japanese paper ball (Kusudama). Paper balls make excellent decorations for parties or Christmas tree ornaments.

How to Make an Origami Crane for Peace

A YouTube video that shows how to make an origami crane for peace and in memory of 9/11.

How to Make Origami Birds

Videos show you how to do origami by folding paper to make 3-D paper birds such as an orizuru (crane in Japanese) and these instructions are free!.

How to Make Origami Flowers

Videos with instructions on how to make Japanese origami folded flowers (Kawasaki rose and origami lily) for fun gifts and ornaments.

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