Crafts for Preschoolers

Preschoolers are a handful, they have tons of energy and keeping them occupied can seem like a full time job and an exhausting one at that.  Parents are constantly on the lookout for ways to amuse them with educational activities.  Making craft is one of the best ways to stimulate your preschooler and let them exercise their creativity at the same time.  Here are some crafts for preschoolers that don’t take a lot of prep work nor do they need much in the way of materials, just some leftover egg cartons.

Egg Carton Flowers

You only need a handful of supplies, egg cartons, pipe cleaners, paint, some glue and a few pompoms.  Take the bottom half of your egg carton and separate the individual egg and trim off the outside edges (mom you will have to do that part).  Select a couple of different water based paint colors and you can let your child cover the inside and the outside.  Now you need to let the paint dry.  Now this part will be mom again, poke a tiny hole at the base of the cup and thread some pipe cleaner through, on the inside of the cup bend it to secure it.  You can use glue to add a pompom in the center covering up the pipe cleaner.  You can let your child arrange them in a vase so they look pretty.  Here are some other methods to make egg carton flowers.

Color Matching Games

This is another craft that really doesn’t require much in the way of prep work or supplies.  All you’re going to need is the egg cartons, paint and paintbrushes. This craft is not only fun for your preschooler but it also helps to teach them about patterns and making patterns.  Now let’s get to the good stuff.

All you need is the bottom half of the egg carton.  Use a different color on each individual cup and just paint the insides.  You will end up with 12 different colors if you use the whole carton, you can repeat colors if that is easier.  While you set the egg cups to dry you put together a scavenger hunt where your child looks for small items that will fit inside the right colored egg cup.  They can look for small toys, buttons or even Lego pieces that are the same color.  See how many your child can put in the right colored cup.

When it comes to crafts for preschoolers it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Simple finger painting is often enough for them to be amused.

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Online versus Offline Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking has been a popular hobby for decades but now you have probably seen the trend shifting to an online platform rather than the traditional methods that you are used to.  Technology has changed everything even the way you scrapbook, now the trend has blended the online world with the creativity that makes traditional scrapbooking so much fun.

Traditional versus Online

Whether you use the online platform or traditional methods will depend on which one you prefer.  Both are easy to use and they both have advantages and disadvantages but ultimately it is about what appeals to you.  At the end of the day you want to have a fun experience and that is all that matters.

Traditional Scrapbooking

If you still can’t choose which to do let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.  When it comes to traditional scrapbooking methods it is very hands on, that’s what people like about it.  It feels more personalized because you are taking the time to write, cut out image and paste them in the scrapbook yourself.  If you are a highly tactile person then traditional is probably better for you.

The drawbacks to traditional scrapbooking are minor but there are still a couple of them.  First traditional scrapbooking needs a fairly large workspace and you will have all the paper and images you use spread out all over the place.  The second disadvantage is that it can get really messy, with glitter, paper scraps and glue spread out over your work area.

Digital Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking online is a fairly new thing and the big advantage is that there are so many unique things that you can do.  You really can let your creativity shine through when it comes to images and designs.  As far as disadvantages the biggest is the technology.  You are going to need at the very least a digital camera, scrapbooking software and a photo quality printer.  If you are intimidated by technology that makes traditional a better option.  Here is how you can get started.

There will always be a debate as to which option is better and they both have their advantages.  If you can’t decide then don’t, there is nothing saying that you can’t give both a try.  You can even combine the two and use digital elements in your traditional scrapbook.  Whatever you decide to do the important thing is that you have fun with it and save some important milestones and memories.

Why You Should Try Digital Scrapbooking

If you have been doing traditional scrapbooking then you probably love it.  You take things you love and create a beautiful piece of art that are filled with memories that you can treasure forever.  You can express your creativity, while connecting with the people and places that mean something to you.  What’s not to love?  Now you have an additional option, here are some reasons why you should try digital scrapbooking.  You may find that you enjoy it more than you think.

Digital Scrapbook Advantages

Like many people who do traditional scrapbooking you probably already use a digital camera to take and print your photographs.  You probably also store them on your computer, you have them on hand when you want to work on your digital scrapbook.  You can learn to use photo editing programs like Photoshop to make creative and fun pages for your digital scrapbook.  Anything you need is available at the click of a mouse rather than heading out to the craft store.

Experiment and Play Around with Your Scrapbook

One of the coolest aspects of having a digital scrapbook is your ability to play around with your pictures and effects.  Don’t like something, then delete and try again.  It really is as simple as that.  You can use and re-use your images as much as you want in any way that you want.  You don’t have to worry about messing up your photos.  No matter what you do to your image, whether you crop it or resize it or add effects, you have the ability to undo all of it and change it to something else.

Sharing Your Scrapbook

Sharing your scrapbook is super easy with a digital format, you just don’t have that option when it comes to traditional scrapbooking.  You can print multiple copies of your scrapbook that you can give to friends and families so you can both share the memories within.  You can change the size of the scrapbook to bigger or smaller as you see fit.  You can take your digital scrapbook to a professional printer and make your own book.  Pages of your scrapbook are effectively digital images and you can share them the same way as you would any other image.  Post them on your Facebook page or send them to friends.

Digital scrapbooking doesn’t have to replace the traditional scrapbooking that you already love, but it does all you to share your memories and creativity with friends and family far away.