Welcome to my online craft, scrapbooking, art supplies, and woodworking tools store!

An online store designed for creative people of all ages - a large selection of art and craft and hobby materials, as well as scrapbooking supplies. Find drawing and drafting tables, tabourets, and easels, and in the Kids' Art and Craft department you'll find fun arts and crafts for kids and students. If you need ideas for homeschool art and craft projects, for parents and teachers needing resources or ideas for craft projects for kids, we hope to provide help with our selection of books, videos & DVDs. 

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kid watercoloring For keeping your creative spaces organized, you'll find a variety of storage boxes, bins, totes, and craft room furniture. For woodworkers, there are woodworking tools and woodworking plans. Scrapbooking supplies (scrapbook paper, kits, albums, embellishments, and tools) are available here too! As, the store has grown, we have added Digital Scrapbooking products - downloadable digital scrapbook kits, letters, alphabets and a selection of printers and digital cameras. Look at our recently added beading supplies and knitting & crochet yarn, thread and other crocheting supplies.

Dear Creative Customers,

I want to say a special "thank you" to all our customers who have an interest in creativity, art, crafts, hobbies, woodworking and to all of you that love scrapbooking. One of the goals of My Art and Craft Supplies is to support the arts and people involved in the creative process in any way possible. That is why I have found as many good products offered by partner stores for you to browse or search for on this website.

Let's all hope that this year, 2010, will be better for our country, our friends, and our loved ones. I'll keep searching for discounts on as many products in this online store as I can to keep helping fine artists, craftspeople, teachers, woodworkers and scrapbookers who want to continue to create artwork or to be able to still pursue hobbies even when the economy is making it difficult to afford to do so. For those who love scrapbooking and paper crafts, many more choices for bulk papers have been added in the Bulk Cardstock area. Hopefully, some of these great, low prices will help you offset the recession.

The desire to make beautiful things is in every human heart, but it needs to be "drawn" out and nurtured. I encourage you to participate in any art or craft that gives you joy, whether you think you are good at it or not! Resources in our store have been carefully selected and the articles are there to help you teach kids crafts or to help them learn how to draw or paint. These items include craft kits for kids, as well as scrapbook kits. And the books, DVDs, and/or videos have some really great art instruction.

Get children involved in art at a young age, so their passion for creativity will stay with them for life! Parents, please keep teaching your children, your friend's kids (or for you that are teachers - your students) to love and enjoy the process of making art or participating in crafts.  I truly think the world is a better place for all of your efforts! And for the rest of us, you are NEVER too old to do learn new ways to be creative!

I hope you enjoy your time here at My Art and Craft Supplies online store!

My Art And Craft Supplies
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There are many discount craft supplies and discount art supplies in this store, and others include free shipping. When you are taken to a featured-partner website, don't hesitate to use their shopping carts to buy your supplies. They are all 100% secure and safe for you to make your purchases.

To find art 'n craft supplies fast - use the site search feature (on the upper left side of each page). If you have time, browse through the store - hopefully the care in which the categories have been organized will help you easily find the paper, paints, pens, markers, scrapbook albums, beading supplies, woodworking tools, easels, books, furniture, or all the other art & hobby/craft supplies you need.

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